“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

When I learn I teach; when I teach I learn. The goal of my workshops are simple: to help participants connect with their inner power to cope with life’s challenges, avoid pitfalls, and live more fulfilled lives, one small change at a time.

Here are a few reasons I prefer workshops, they:
• offer an intensive learning experience in a short amount of time
• engage the participant in learning through discussion and active participation of hands-on skills
• provide the opportunity to practice the techniques or skills that are being taught
• are informal and less intimidating than the teacher-student approach to learning
• renew motivation and increase confidence
• establish new friendships
• offer the opportunity to improve communication among colleagues and co-workers and
• create a sense of community or common purpose among participants
• introduce new concepts and new ways of thinking
• are cost-effective; the participant doesn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to try new skills.
• offer feedback to the participant and the facilitator. Feedback is critical to improving outcomes.
• make learning fun!

All workshops use the following small change principles:
• Life is big and the road to change begins with small steps.
• Small steps can yield huge benefits.
• Old habits are hard to break; tackle them one at a time, one day at a time.
• small change is really about the time you spend focusing on yourself.
• small change activities put you on the road to recognizing and igniting your inner power
• small change workshops cost a fraction of what you would spend on a college course or counseling sessions.


Gratitude Journaling: A Pathway to Recognizing Your Inner Power

“If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, and unique individual, keep a journal.” -Jim Rohn

This workshop:
• Introduces the health benefits of gratitude journaling
• Uses real life examples from 37 year-old massive stroke survivor Mia, and her caregiver mom, Myrtle
• Demonstrates how gratitude journaling moved Mia from survival to thriving and how it can help you recognize your inner power and use it to overcome any life-changing event or simply live a more joyful and fulfilling life.
• Gives you 117 prompts to get you started with your own Gratitude Journal

How Dis-ease Impacts Health

“Hard work never hurt anybody, but work and worry will kill a mule.” elm
In this workshop you will:
• participate in practical exercises to define stress
• learn the role stress plays in the manifestation of dis-ease
• learn and participate in practical ways to reduce stress and prevent dis-ease

Forgiveness: An Inroad to Freedom
There is not a person alive who doesn’t have someone they need to forgive and that includes forgiving yourself.

In this workshop you will:
• Recognize those individuals you need to forgive
• Gain a better understanding of why it is so hard to forgive
• Learn how unforgiveness festers into chronic diseases
• Engage in activities to help you release the inner chains that have held you captive and put you on the road to freedom.

Goal-setting: Put Wings on Your Dreams
Are you stuck and ready to move closer to living your dreams?

Leave this workshop with tools to:
• Identify your God-given gifts/talents
• Set realistic goals
• Distinguish between dreams and fantasy
• commitment contract to begin taking the steps to manifest your dreams, one small change at a time

Manage Time – Manage Tasks

 ‘It’s not enough to be busyso are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?’ -Henry David Thoreau
In this workshop you will be introduced to:
• Understanding why “time” is one of life’s most precious commodity
• The five biggest time wasters
• The art of saying “no” and finding your “yes”
• How to reduce procrastination
• How to use time to avoid end of life regrets

small change: BETTER HEALTH
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and try hundreds of diets to improve your health. One small change at a time will do it.

Doing it the small change way provides you with the opportunity to:
• Learn the connection between behavior and health
• Make the body, mind and spirit connection to improve health
• Kindle the spirit by starting a Food Journal
• Take the focus off food and put it on you
• Recognize the benefits of devoting 30 minutes of each day to you and your overall health