The Stroke That Touched My Heart: How Gratitude Transformed a 37 Year Old Massive Stroke Survivor

The Stroke That Touched My Heart is a tool that captures the year-long journey of Mia Russell, a 37-year-old massive stroke survivor and her caregiver mom, Myrtle. It is a stirring story of unexpected change and gratitude, and a testament to the theory that learning to be grateful in all things can improve health and well-being. The book chronicles how life unfolded for Mia and Myrtle from January 9, 2017 through January 9, 2018, and offers the reader:

• examples of gratitude lessons learned by Mia and Myrtle
• questions to guide you into starting your own gratitude journal
• the opportunity, through daily practice, to experience the hidden gifts of gratitude
• the discovery that gratitude is truly transformative: it changes you on the inside, and when you change on the inside, life changes

Regardless of your situation, learning to be grateful in all things is to recognize and enjoy life’s little miracles while embarking on a journey of inner peace and improved well-being. If you are ready to do the work, then let The Stroke That Touched My Heart work for you. It takes only one day and one small change at a time.


The Stroke That Touched My Heart is a powerful work of inspiring non-fiction co-authored by Mia and Myrtle Russell, and self-described as the story of “How Gratitude Transformed a 37-Year-Old Massive Stroke Survivor”. In this harrowing true-life account, we hear the story of Mia Russell through a year of survival and recovery following a very serious and terribly debilitating stroke. The practice of gratitude becomes a central feature in the lives of Mia and her mother Myrtle, who had previously studied the benefits of journaling and practicing gratitude. As Myrtle takes you through their experiences, there are lessons to be learned about being thankful, even in some of the worst times that a person can live through.
– K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

stroke that touched my heart review

I just finished reading Mia and Myrtle Russell’s heartfelt and enlightening book.  It will help us all – highly recommended!! They take tragedy and challenge and still find a way to be thankful and find gratitude!  They are authentic, genuine, courageous, vulnerable and priceless! Oh, you will be blessed! Can’t wait for what comes next!
– Monica Ray

stroke that touched my heart review

I did not want to put the book down. Mia was our private duty nurse when this happened. Our family misses her, and I’m so glad she is doing well. This book is beautifully put together! It really makes you take a look at your life, and see there is ALWAYS something to be thankful about. Highly recommended!
– Elizabeth Elliott

stroke that touched my heart review

The Stroke That Touched My Heart is a gift from God to Myrtle, Mia, and the world, a journey from crisis to healing. This is an incredible and beautiful testimony of gratitude. Thank you Myrtle and Mia for showing and reminding us of the power of gratitude in everyday miracles that we take for granted. This is an awesome and profound book of thanksgiving and praise to our indescribable Creator.
Tammy Cherry

stroke that touched my heart review

Amazing Journey. This book should be on the best seller list. Myrtle and Mia Russell lead the reader through a maze of tragedy, healing and recovery. They do this while challenging the reader to see the good in bad, and show gratitude for tragedy as well as for triumph.
– Bill Marable