Are you ready to try a different way of coping with life’s challenges? Avoid pitfalls? Live a more fulfilled life? Then small change is a good place to start!

I specialize in small change face-to-face workshops. Why? Because true learning requires involvement.

small change Workshops:

• offer an intensive learning experience in a short amount of time
• only cost small change; you don’t have to spend a lot learn new skills
• provide the tools you need to begin your journey to inner peace dream fulfillment
• encourage discussion and networking. People still crave human interaction
• allow me to not only hear what participants have to say but to see and feel

small change Workshop Topics:

• Gratitude Journaling: A Pathway to Recognizing Your Inner Power
• How Dis-ease Impacts Health
• Forgiveness: An Inroad to Freedom
• Goal Setting: Put Wings On Your Dreams
• Time management: Manage Time-Manage Tasks
• small changes: Better Health

Old habits are hard to break. Tackle them one small change at a time!